Just Imagine

I love children’s art and for 20 years I ran classes from my home studio. While the whole creative mess might be too much for some family homes, drawing is portable and requires only pencil and paper.

I found that existing art books failed to consider the age-related limitations of young children learning to draw familiar objects. Also, children want to copy the most attractive picture presented – often a ¾ view cartoon character or image that uses overlapping shapes and perspective to create depth. Even if a child managed to create a recognisable copy, it is unlikely they would gain transferable skills that could be applied to other drawings.

Shapes are the building blocks of drawing. “Just Imagine” shows how complex drawings can be created by stacking simple shapes and adding features. By ring fencing what is presented, children learn the basics and create successful drawings. They can put ideas on paper and express themselves. Composition and perspective can come later………

Drawing is a brilliant activity for exploring possibilities – freeing the imagination, sparking creativity and curiosity. It is also absorbing, requiring focus that calms the mind. By observing and drawing the world, one learns how things fit together and work.

I illustrated “Just Imagine” using school grade pencils and marker pens.